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ES short term trading 4-29-10

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anyone that buys after a large move up into a level of resistance deserves to lose their paycheck.

i just hope i'm not the one losing my paycheck!
if it wasn't for that crappy high ( differnt 30 minute bars with the same high) I'd take the short...may miss the short but need to see that run out at the highs
Someone has to step in and buy large for this to fall.

Wallstreet is not out to give to charity.
they gotta at least bring it back to 02.75..
I see double top 1204.25.
Maybe a break of 1201 or 1206 will bring in more volume and action ?
No position, just watching and waiting....
they really don't play fair do they?
nice and to the tick so far John
Originally posted by johnpr2010

I see as a hard resistance 1205.00. This could get to 1201 if it touch it. i would put my short lmt order on 1204.75 let's see how it runs.

Resource: Fib's Extension Retracements from 1192.25:1195.25,1193.00:1197.50.

Remember have a stop loss in each of your trades similar 3/4 of your profits.
most days they do but when they trend they make it a bit more challenging...a good day overall....shorted the 05.25 print but small still as they could run this to 1210 and I'm not adding up here
Originally posted by ChnDragun

they really don't play fair do they?
target is 03.25 which is secondary HTP now...will stop out at 07.50..if it goes back up
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Originally posted by redsixspeed

Originally posted by redsixspeed

Maby EOM profit taking tomorrow; then back up next week...

Looks like the first part; profit taking; is right on.

We'll see if we go back up next week, maby start back
up in the globex session Sunday

Well they took their profit and went right back
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