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ES short term trading 4-29-10

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Kool, do you play the overnite gap fill or partial fill?
I'm with you Kool at 96.25...Hopefully great minds....ideal target is 93.50 which is slightly above the LTP and HVP at 92.75..will watch for YM test of 11040 for possible support
we have the key numbers from mondays LTP and R1 today at the 95 - 97.50 is in confluence level on the upside is 1200-1201.....downside I'm watching the 92 - 93( current O/N midpoint is here too) area as we have LTP and HVP there..I favor selling the rallies on early strength today
New HTP is 1197 so that number is becoming more important..I'm flat at entry...something I just don't like and reports at 8:30..I think it's the fact that they accepted that LTP and kept rallying from the 93 area
kind of sucks....i was long at 1184.75 (50% pullback from low to high) and was planning on holding.....but didn't move my default target of 5 pts. A very short time after entering the trade, i heard "order filled". i could have re-entered in globex, but was thinking maybe that was a sign and sometimes globex is flaky.

Anyways, i left a crap load of points on the table for that goof.
Released on 4/29/2010 8:30:00 AM For wk4/24, 2010

Prior Consensus Consensus Range Actual
456 K 447 K 440 K to 460 K 448 K
Originally posted by stocksster

Released on 4/29/2010 8:30:00 AM For wk4/24, 2010
Prior Consensus Consensus Range Actual
456 K 447 K 440 K to 460 K 448 K

That was Jobless Claims report
short 97.50 for the 95.50 test..HVP to LVP
I'm trading lighter on fades just in case this is a legit breakout from that narrow range yesterday
and nice call to you folks that were expecting the higher prices
Originally posted by redsixspeed

Originally posted by redsixspeed

Maby EOM profit taking tomorrow; then back up next week...

Looks like the first part; profit taking; is right on.

We'll see if we go back up next week, maby start back
up in the globex session Sunday

Well they took their profit and went right back
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