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ES short term trading 4-29-10

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Im long from 1203.25 on a chase.. my order was at 1201.75, but i missed by a tick!... and since the price and time were good, i jumped in.
... hope i dont wish i had more patients!
bingo! bought another at 1201.75...long a couple (avg price 1202.50).. not for long tho!
Kool I got in at 1201.75 and got out 2 points very fast. I am still in with a little more contracts. looking to hit 1204.75.

Great Call!
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Then gimmee a vote! hope your right about 1204.75 and hopefully my exit will get hit!
Cmon! Push it ,baby.. Push!
Too much resistance on the 1204.50
well i covered at 1204.25.. just running out of time! 1.75 on 2 es.. puts me up 4.5 handles today... not much but ill take it!
... See everyone tomorrow!
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we are now in the tricky part of this up move (the Big Boyz are whipping the long term shorts!).
IMO, this thing has still some gas to go higher, but before that, it
will take a breather first (I expect a small decline tomorrow), but then again, anything can happen
Originally posted by redsixspeed

Originally posted by redsixspeed

Maby EOM profit taking tomorrow; then back up next week...

Looks like the first part; profit taking; is right on.

We'll see if we go back up next week, maby start back
up in the globex session Sunday

Well they took their profit and went right back
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