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ES short term trading 5-19-10

Here we are! The 19th, which my work shows could be a pivotal day! It should come as no surprise that we went all the way down to the number shown on the weekend preview, the 0.786 retracement at 1110.25. It is also the 2.618 projection from the 1147.50 high on the one hourly chart.Also it is the 3 std deviation line on the 13 min vwap. Cycles had us down into today ,then up and down again into the 24th. So its all coming together... or is it? Extreme caution is advised , as today either marks an important low.. or the breakdown of the indexes for a true test of 1090 or even 1056!
Bingo on 1106.25!
holding three and it's either gonna stop me at 1101.50 or give me 11.25 and higher...I'd like to see this buying tail hold for a change
God! Ihope im not jinxing you pal! just sold one at 1106.25
cause if we're still in a very bearish mode then this is the bare minimum of where it'll turn. one 1.618=1102.75 and 2.618=1100.00
Great trade by the way, Bruce!... you are the boss!
#[email protected]$4 another dam triangle! if it breaks up it wants 1112 and change, if down maybe 1102.75or 1100? (bare minimum)
exiting 1103.25... i hope!!!
[email protected][email protected] order was a FEW SECONDS too late due to posting.. still in it
Now i dont know what to do! hit my 1.618 within a tick! Do i hold for 1100? Anyway im moving my stop to breakeven.. to heck with it
out at 1106.75 ..loss of 2 ticks.. and sould have been a 3 handle winner.. im chillin on the [email protected]#$!#@$
two off at left.....for where......? Not do folks hold..? Gheesh!!
Thanks for the feedback johnpr2010. Judging by the number of people that visit the site versus the number that post on the forum (1 to 5%) I'm guessing (and hoping) that there are a lot of other traders out there who are a little bit more profitable today because of the generosity of one of the other traders on this forum.
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