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ES short term trading 5-24-10

The 24th. Could be an important turn date, but it wont be easy. Volitility should stay high since there was a solar day this weekend which should influence friday and today. Well the short term projection down was 1076.25 and we've hit that and filled the air at 1075.25. Going to get some sleep but heres a short term snapshot for globex....
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good call, Bruce.. im stopped on the second half at 1183.75..loss of 1.5.. net plus 1.5 on the trade. Cant say i didnt have my chances to bail!
Have to leave briefly, but fwiw, projection down is currently 1081.25 and the 3 hump pattern remains as long as 1080.50 is not touched. that would also likely be a prc buy
. (there is a cycle low due in about 5 min or so... c ya soon!
gotta watch if/when they fill in 83.50....that number through 86 has all the volume now
just too fast again to be useful
as long as they can keep a lid on 86 - 87.50 they will try to force it down to 79- 80...standing aside until 3 pm...
Bruce one complication I encounter during this rollover time is that current contract (June10) starts to bounce off prices attained by the coming contract(Sept10) and vice versa. So we have to begin watching both the contracts in order to initiate entry.
i have enough trouble with one'm too short term so the current contract is enough for me

we really need to this to hold above 81.25..( currently failing)otherwise they will want that official 75 print and 68.75 below there..just not sure when on the 68.75,,,,c'mon bulls..where r ya??
Thats a new one on me. Just when I have been trying the KISS method, no more smooching:)
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...Since i suspect that cycles may turn lower by late tomorrow at the latest, todays action is dissapointing for bulls. At least thats my take on this
perfect...81.25 can't hold and down to the 75 print....and further
gheesh 56.25 !! if this fails then 50 number is next....anyone see the progression or is it lost...??? personally I'd like to see it hold for the 62.50 retest
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