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ES short term trading 6-10-10

Nobody trading today or what?
there it is, now praying for a turn!.. long 2 avg price 1072.75...3 point stop
this is the red avg 5 min chart at 1073.50...bulls really need to break above it to get Bruces triples or new highs!
I swear , with my 'bearish bias' and up near the upper prc band on the 30 min chart,etc its crazy to be buying i know, but you cant fight the tape.
Taking one off at 1073.75, but leaving the stop the same.. looking for those triples ,or higher!
FWIW,the 1.618 projection on the one min is 1075.75 and the 2.618 is 1078.50
stopped at 1069.75 on the other ..loss of 3 and gain of one... net down 2 handles.. watching to buty again soon!
there is some support at 1067.25, stronger at 1065.50
For this little a-b-c correction c=a at 1068.00
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Originally posted by feng456

Originally posted by day trading

Originally posted by feng456

well i dont have access to this MP stuff anyway.

You do have access. There's a free MP calculator right here.

how do i use it?

There are some instructions here. Reply to that topic if you're still having problems.
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