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ES short term trading 6-10-10

Nobody trading today or what?
i'M HOPING THE 75 .75 va HIGH CAN ACT AS SUPPORT..NO 30 MINUTE CLOSE BELOW THAT i HOPE..failure to keep running now will try to go back fillin 72.50...sure hope I'm wrong...I want the strong close..UP!!!
why dont u expect a bounce at 75?
Originally posted by feng456

why dont u expect a bounce at 75?

remove stupid comment lol
Developing VA high is 76.50...error on my part before
those one minute highs and double 5 minutes don't usually put in long term they will get tested....just wish I knew when...ha!!Hope today!!
just for you Feng...the third RAT!!!81.25
hey guys i didn't trade all day was out..

but.. if we close above 1077.75 it will form a bullish engulfing pattern.

Also i noticed from the morning the high volume bar at 10:00. The H (79) and L (76.25) of this bar proved to be good support and resistance areas. The H also coincided with the IB resistance (hopefully now acts as support and we get that good close today.

With the close today we have a bullish engulfing candlestick pattern on the daily.

Just a heads up for possible action tomorrow.

Also on 6/8 we made a Higher Low. You guys think this is going to run up to the 1107 area?
the 1107 area is a high volume bar on the dailys that is looking like strong resistance also. sorry for all the consecutive posts

KoolBlue a questions for you!

looking at a daily chart:

If we take the low on 5/7 (I'm not using 5/6 because that was a freak

day) and the low on 5/25

that predicts a short term top at 6/11; which is tomorrow.

Is my analysis correct per your technique?
Not sure how many come back to check these threads but here are two charts from todays trade...The first shows the gap in the data that set up the long trade. You'd need to go back and look at my comments in the afternoon as I had some context setup for the long side... We also had the Triples above not shown on this chart...
Click image for original size

The second charts show a temporary high that I was hoping would get run out today and it did. I've said many times that the only time to "HOPE" when it comes to the market is if you are working runners and get lucky.This high shows no impulse and doesn't show anyone in a rush to get those get tested often at highs and lows. This also set up as a double top on the 5 minute time frame.

Hope some find these useful. Context is everything!

Click image for original size
Originally posted by feng456

Originally posted by day trading

Originally posted by feng456

well i dont have access to this MP stuff anyway.

You do have access. There's a free MP calculator right here.

how do i use it?

There are some instructions here. Reply to that topic if you're still having problems.
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