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Fathers Day trading

C'mon and join me up at 1124.25.....for selling...will add above 27 if needed.....Where was 80 % of the 3 WAR from last week.....where is the Crappy high from Friday...where were the Leftover triples.....

enough celebrating...lets get back to work!!
trying again from 26.50...23.75 will be initial target now...will add above 28 if needed..
Need px stay abv 25 to go up more.
buy here 23.5,stop 22.75
Originally posted by BruceM

trying again from 26.50...23.75 will be initial target now...will add above 28 if needed..

You're on a roll now Bruce, great job on calling the 23.75.
Just curious, how much downside do you think there is, given that the opening price is over the size of the DAR from the past couple of sessions?
Weak mkt. may down more.
hour range traders wil try and front run soon...$ticks point dopwn too!!
near short term bttm.
Again, 1st target is 25 area. if can't stay abv, down again.
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Coutesy Sentimenttrader
hey ,,,thanks Feng...I guess this kinda proves that most don't go back and read these or just don't have much compassion for their fellow traders lives.... I get it !! Trading is hard and it hardens us to the world sometimes....

He is a billion percent better and thanks for the good vibes.
Originally posted by feng456

Originally posted by BruceM

miracle hold due to a kid with 103.5 fever...damn water parks!!!

flat 1106.75 ...THE RAT!!!1106.25

OVB on the daily ...was suppose to happen last week!!

hope she gets better soon
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