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I am posting this message with absolutely no intention of promotion or financial gain. All to often I witness so many websites charging to learn trading...their business model is not trading but marketing and closing sales, simply put. I read so many posts here seeking help and I know almost all will fail without help. Unless your C++ programmer or earned a prestigious MBA, you have no shot of a corporate career. So you are left just retail or fresh meat for us to accumulate.

I am a profitable trader, have been since the Nasdaq bubble in 2000.
Trading is lonely and boring with the few sequences of excitement and overwhelming tension.

My business plan is trading and carving out profits that is it. My thoughts are to help some who may need to understand the market intricacies and the structure. Paltalk is free and so is my time between trades. If anyone has interest to learn what the market does on a daily basis and how and I react let me know.

Again, I am looking for a free avenue to interact live and I believe Paltalk is it. Suggestions and inquiries welcome. I only would like to help as I see no one else on the internet is not willing without a price. Half this game is mental and without some comradarie it is difficult.

Before question arrive about my style, it is simple, look at a chart, take away your indicators and notice the market hunts out swing high/lows. You have to have the gumption and resolve to pull the trigger which very few do as I can. Again, lets start something free and keep it that way.

helo introduce yourself.
i need help in my trading

Good evening from sunny San Diego... I send this message with my most sincere wishes for the welfare and uplifted spirits of both you and those you hold close to you... I have been trading with paper money for some time now, yet you are absolutely correct when you say that trading can become rather boring... The overwhelming amount of nonsensical marketing materials which newer traders get bombarded with is one of the more discouraging aspects of my self-education. I am extremely passionate about all things investing/trading, and I feel very confident that one day I will be able to make a living for myself once my ability to trade profitable becomes reality. Presently, I am residing inside of a tent in the woods and have been living outdoors for some years now.. I am 32 years old, and I have not learned a profession or skill with which to earn a living... If you could allow me to possibly chat sometime in the near future that would be fantastic... My number is 323.833.2150... text or call me or email me, whichever is most convenient for yourself... Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Nathan P.
That's a very noble offer. I too have stopped using indicators and look at these sweeps. Would be great to see if you could post some charts or some of your thoughts