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I am posting this message with absolutely no intention of promotion or financial gain. All to often I witness so many websites charging to learn trading...their business model is not trading but marketing and closing sales, simply put. I read so many posts here seeking help and I know almost all will fail without help. Unless your C++ programmer or earned a prestigious MBA, you have no shot of a corporate career. So you are left just retail or fresh meat for us to accumulate.

I am a profitable trader, have been since the Nasdaq bubble in 2000.
Trading is lonely and boring with the few sequences of excitement and overwhelming tension.

My business plan is trading and carving out profits that is it. My thoughts are to help some who may need to understand the market intricacies and the structure. Paltalk is free and so is my time between trades. If anyone has interest to learn what the market does on a daily basis and how and I react let me know.

Again, I am looking for a free avenue to interact live and I believe Paltalk is it. Suggestions and inquiries welcome. I only would like to help as I see no one else on the internet is not willing without a price. Half this game is mental and without some comradarie it is difficult.

Before question arrive about my style, it is simple, look at a chart, take away your indicators and notice the market hunts out swing high/lows. You have to have the gumption and resolve to pull the trigger which very few do as I can. Again, lets start something free and keep it that way.

Hi Jason,
At last someone willing to teach the intricacies of the forex markets and very much want to learn how to become good at reading naked charts without indicators, interested, whats the next step? I am on Skype
please contact me and I will send you my skype name
Thank you for this. Also, would you be interested in adding me on skype too?
If you would be interested. I would be willing to register a domain name and setup a website with a users forum where people could register and participate in discussions.
I could configure the sight so that you would have admin rights on the site.
I would be willing to do this because I am very interested in learning about day / swing trading. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in doing.
BTW I would do this for no cost and from there we would just see how it goes… Whatcha think?
Never mind I just noted the date on the original post. So now i‘m thinking this isn’t exactly the place to find current /happening activity
There are folks that have been doing a Skype based "trading room" that might be something worth looking into. Here's the Mypivots topic link:


Maybe this helps.


This is an awesome offer, indeed. In fact, I have realized that a lot of offers for trade directions that appear online are mainly profit centered that I have become very aversed to even looking at anything. Meanwhile it is only too obvious that most of us desperately need some directions, at least someone to bounce off ideas with. I believe your offer here is amazing.
Thanks;let me know when this is ready.
JasonK you are right on the money. If you can't pull the trigger buy GIC s and enjoy your life. When do we get started. I will start. I like to use 6mo. and 1yr. charts but only after I have confirmed the trend on a much longer time line. Makes sense???
Hi Jason K:

Are you still teaching the tricks of the trade! I am interested and would like to learn more!

Best regards,

Chicago Pixels
That's a very noble offer. I too have stopped using indicators and look at these sweeps. Would be great to see if you could post some charts or some of your thoughts