Skype Trading Room

Are there any traders interested in joining a Skype based trading room?

I primarily trade the ES but also at times trade the TF and forex.

Gets a bit lonely and it would be nice to share what I am seeing and talk to others as the trading day goes on. Room wouldn't be geared to teaching or BS but to trading.
yes it is uriyaz
Hello Everyone, Kungfutrader is back in the house , at least part time. I had to leave because of the strict NDA of the hedge fund that hired me. The past year went extremely well. So much so that we just signed a new contract and I can talk to whoever I want to about trading as long as I don't share my actually trading algo. Also for profit sake I can't spend all my time on skype. I do have performance bonus's to hit.

So if you would like to have me visit the trading room every so often please give a ring on skype I don't have access to the room any more.
its me kft , moscow man i sent a skype request ok
I am interested in Joining a Skype group that trades pennies. Is anyone else interested? What would be a good Skype group to join?
A penny stock trade group sounds like something I would join
send me the link?