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How much reserves per contract?

I recently started trading the ES e-minis. How much reserves should I have to daytrade each contract (margin is $1,000 for daytrading)???

Also, what is a typical goal per day .5, .75, 1??

That's excellent advice from pt_emini (who is a highly respected trader in the #emini channel) and I completely agree with omni's comment about sticking with netpick's calls if they are working for you.
Today's update...made 5 points! I feel like a rockstar and know it won't last. At least I can feel good about myself for the weekend.


I'm a little confused by what you said. You said you want to risk no more then 1-2% of your capital which means that for every $1,000 (margin) contract you buy you would need 100K backing it up.

Then you stated that you liked to have 10-15K per contract you trade.

Can you please clarify what you meant? Sorry if being a newbie makes me ask stupid questions, but this is how you learn.

Thanks again!
Also, are there any other emini futures forums that I can check out?
I think what pt_emini means is that if you risk 2 points per trade then you're risking $100/contract which is 1% of $10,000. Don't confuse margin requirements (which vary from broker to broker and exchange to exchange) with risk exposure.

Congrats on making another 5 points today! I hope you manage to keep it up.

Yes there are other trading forums out. I don't know of any others that specifically focus on just the Emini Futures like this one does. The other forums usually have a wider focus. The most popular trading forum is Elite Trader ( which covers everything to do with trading. Tripple check anything you read on Elite (or any forum) just to make sure that it isn't a spammer/con artist trying to part you with your cash.
Originally posted by graysqwrl

Also, are there any other emini futures forums that I can check out?

as DT mentioned, ET is a very popular site. you might also want to take a look at


take care :)

Daytrader has the basic idea / math on what I meant...

When I spoke of risk, I meant the $$$ you risk per trade you take, in the example, risking $100 per contract on a trade. Personally, if I am risking $100 in a trade, then my profit target (goal) is usually in the range of $250 to $400.

It's important to get the math right in your trading strategy / plan.

When laying out your trading plan, be conservative and realistic in your estimations and assumptions.
What it boils down to in the end is how much you need to see you through the bad patches (which there will be some) and allow you to continue to trade back to the profitable times.
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