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ES Short Term Trading 8-2-2010

Range Based S/R for Monday August 2.

R1 = 1108.50
S1 = 1078.50
R2 = 1113.50
S2 = 1073.50

Steenbarger Pivot = 1095.875
Bruce,,, are those triples at 19.25 or do they need to occur in sequence?
only saving grace so far is that Nq isn't fololowing well...up here
Have you noticed TF action today? Extremely weak relative to the big three.

Originally posted by BruceM

only saving grace so far is that Nq isn't fololowing well...up here

Click image for original size
here is the reason I X'd out my trade before at about 1:45 EST..not sure why this chart didn't make it...

It shows the "P" profile up against the key 17.75 we are accepting price above...anyway , here is how we looked 45 minutes ago...we also held up against the 08 -10 I'd like to look long now or at least not fade...LOL!!!
Click image for original size
shouldn't be a gap at 20...this volume sucks!!!

edited this: Not efficient...was hoping to catch a good long..don't like gaps when long above them
Chrisp...trips need to happen in a row
This volume is sure sucking.

So you want to go long now.....?

Originally posted by BruceM

should be a gap at 20...this volume sucks!!!
Originally posted by BruceM

Chrisp...trips need to happen in a row
thank you... appreciate your time and posts
I tried Lorn but bailed as that gap and that ledge...but more the gap at 20...poor volume...just may be too early!!I wanted the efficient long...not a long that left somebody behind...that I'll miss th elong if it keeps going

rough day in terms of getting it right but at least they aren't taking my money!!! today!!!
you freakin asshole.. if you follow my work at all i explain it as i go.. i basically call turns all day long advance not after the fact! and have for 2 years. The gross misinterpetation of my work is areflection of your jealousy and /or ignorance. Its because of idiot replies like this that im thru with mypivots!
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