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ES Short Term Trading 8-2-2010

Range Based S/R for Monday August 2.

R1 = 1108.50
S1 = 1078.50
R2 = 1113.50
S2 = 1073.50

Steenbarger Pivot = 1095.875
so is it best to set up a fade zone from 21.75 - 25 ??? that would work for me...
basically you wait for 1025.75 and you would add at 1030... that would be the most conservative play... however shorterm scalpers might want to attempt a quick scalp anywhere around 21.75-23
these ranges ( 15 min)don't seem to be the kind that are really attracting agressive buyers...or sellers.....I just want 19.50 !!! they can't even give me that??
thanks Kool..
Click image for original size
they don't usually leave two sets of single prints especially with such lower volume now...
Click image for original size
finally...2nd singles filled....unusual to have my BEST trade be from the O/N ....yikes...
so Lorn,,,what would our idol Dr B . be doing.?..vwap rising but a low volume breakout....always curious what they would actually do as the market unfolds....not later..
one more off at 18.50...this was break out point...two left
you freakin asshole.. if you follow my work at all i explain it as i go.. i basically call turns all day long advance not after the fact! and have for 2 years. The gross misinterpetation of my work is areflection of your jealousy and /or ignorance. Its because of idiot replies like this that im thru with mypivots!
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