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ES short term trading 8-19-10

Key numbers based on Volume spikes today




We will get another spike at the 8:30 a.m reports.

A failure to breakout of the Monday-Tuesday range today. 32 points of range so the longer term players will try and push it at least 16 points above the highs or 16 points below the lows
Philly Fed -7.7
got air fill and then key for me is 78 area to try longs
will wait to 76 to try longs...volume too strong
Vwap and gap fillers from monday down here in the 76 - 75
minus 1300 tick....could be the real deal on this selling

let see if option folks care about 75....hope so

further downside for those who think shorts will win is way down at 65.50 and 60...
this could be one of those days that don't attract sellers if they break the hour low...seems like too much, too soon for this volatility

I like the 82 retest idea time there
on the 74 now on hour run out...higher ruisk....want 76.25 first
3 runners will stop at 74 if it comes back far so good...basically need to this to go and quick
78.50 is next target now thatthe test is volume so this will be boring
place a fixed stop in market at 74.25...just can't watch this..alert set at 78
Joe they are PRC Bands. I've only found this particular indicator for Ninja Trader. No other platforms.

There are two different ones available. PRC and PRC2. I like PRC better, it responds a little slower which seems to keep prices from jumping ahead of the bands too much.

Originally posted by CharterJoe


What are those upper and lower shaded bands on your chart?
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