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Es short term trading 9-2-10

Numbers today



1071.75 - 1073.75 **** key support


1059 - 1061***

Further upside will be determined by O/N high if reports at 8:30 rally the market
ym is growing weaker.....careful on longs up here
I was referring the market read.
Right back to it too.
yeah, great example of volume as an attractor in my world
so now the Nq is making new highs but ES and YM are I'm still looking for shorts at higher prices and using 84.50 as the magnet
Fading NQ range extension @1834
Covered +2, large - $Tickq reading

The reason I took that fade is because range extensions this late to attract profit taking and not new buying, also after yesterdays big range....
well these super low $tick readings and Nq trying to crack down doesn't seem to be insppiring too much selling yet....needs to start going now.....I will be more cautious on fadeing any pushes above the hour high if we can't get it to roll over down now

need Nq to stay undr hour highs
Here is a visual for some members who like the divergent trade concept...

Blue is the NQ
ES In the center

YM at the bottom

Just one way to look at can see the divergences and strngth and weakness easier this way
Click image for original size
diverge lines
trapped inside that R area (84.5-87.5)
doubles up and down on the 1 min chart(84.5 and 87)
91 would be a good target usually.
seeing a lot of volume here
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