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S&P option expiry. Bonds yet again neutral

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S&P what 1259-1282 ish trading range last 3 + weeks. Yawn

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Bonds back to neutral buy low sell hi
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S&P what 1259-1282 ish trading range last 3 + weeks. Yawn
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Bar chart showing 30min bars for E-Mini S&P 500 over last 3 days with the Value Areas and POC marked as horizontal lines.

I've tried to put the MP chart that you created side by side with a 30 min ES bar chart - not sure if it will work.

I've added a study which puts in the Value Areas and POC and also changes the bar colors from day to day to allow easy viewing when we switch from one day to the next.

IMO: The MP chart is showing us price acceptance in the lower half of today's range and price rejection above the midpoint (around 1281) area. This I believe can be confirmed by eye-balling the bar chart. I see a higher than average probability for the market to move down and test the area that you have marked as Must hold medium term.

I've thought of something else that supports the bull theory for tomorrow. Expiry weeks are more likely to be bullish (as we've seen so far this week) and so that supports the probability that we may not fall as stated above into this area.

I've reposted the chart from above and included Monday in the chart so that we can see the expiry week on one chart.
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ES 30min bar chart RTH from Mon to Thu inclusive.
great. which vendor are you charts. perhaps you could send me an email. The chart shows all the classic signs of a double distribution. NB go look at my composite chart posted for Friday 16th and see the comments there.
The chart vendor is eSignal and the 2 indicators on the charts are from ToolPack
Hey Alex,

Just watched this interview with you:

and read this one:

both from your web site. Great web site that you've got!
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