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ES short term trading 9-30-10

Key resistance up here at 47.75 - 50....short now...reports at 10 and a different open today in day session...monitoring for break out
looking for buys off 39 area
key breakdown and air at 43.75
abandoniong buy idea
this area was high volume in O/N and day session before report hit...
Rburns only true air is 43.50 - 43.75....but jumping in front is risky given the type of open Outside YD range air at 37.50 geting long at 33.50 now!!
second push of air is a better target when trending which we of the insights which lets me still fade moves during trends...and helps me avaoid the loss.....same reason I abandoned my 39 buys earlier
what price is O/N low?
34.5 is O/N low
sorry 34.25
22 min to lunchtime
I've got 1134.25 as O/N low. This is where the entire move up to 1153.50 was initiated. If this level is taken out then this is a major reversal, imo, off that high. is a shot of that gap that caused me to cover shorts way to goes on the radar though...didn't want ya to think I forgot about you....or that gap!!!!!
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