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ES short term trading 9-30-10

Key resistance up here at 47.75 - 50....short now...reports at 10 and a different open today in day session...monitoring for break out
as long as Ticks and NQ lag on highs I'm selling rallies
They can mark em up but just have to have high flyers on their books for statementd to show they were in them, ie NFLX,VMW,AAPL, etc... in that quarterly crap they send out.
Looks good to people even if they never owned them during the rise.
Heck of a month to look stupid.
44 the 50% level for this wave up
there is a gap at 49.75!!! FWIW
Paul..I don't have a volume node but just plain S/R at 44 even
Bruce I am watching that air at 50.5 is that your gap?
that isn't air as I define it Rburns...all air filled in my world but Phileo and Kool defined what you see as Range air...that is untested by me...I'll post gap later
Nq and Tick diverging up on that hour low break ...49.75 not cleaned uop....YET!
BKX back at 46.50
and sub 46.50
NFLX,AMZN,VMW,AAPL,BIDU,GOOG,all at lod and no stop yet
39 S(diagonal) is a shot of that gap that caused me to cover shorts way to goes on the radar though...didn't want ya to think I forgot about you....or that gap!!!!!
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