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ES short-term trading 10-6-10

Here is an historical study that (IMHO) is worth tracking and its "set-up" might be realized today.

I've related that I get the gap-guys free videos (I don't subscribe and I don't necessarilly trade opening gaps) but I do like to see what he has to say about the daily bars and he does provide technical historical studies that are pure data.

Last week he published a study that looked at Gap Up openings where the Open was a new 40 trading day H. Incredibly, historically, 82% of these gaps fill on the same day.

This happened on Thursday, 9-30-10 and that gap filled.

If today, Wed, 10-06-10 opens above 1158.75, that would be a gap open at a new 40 trade day High.
This isn't clear Rburns if you could rephrase it then I'll gladly help if i can..if not tonight then in tomorrows thread.
Originally posted by rburns

Bruce could you pls talk about what you are thinking when you have lets say 3 air pockets below, or above. What are thinking about how many will fill, and will you buy or sell the 1 st air with others below or above. If I am not clear pls say so.
rburns - I didn't understand the question either - perhaps a chart of what you're looking at would help?
where i can read more about technical indicators and what about the analysis that brokers provide ?
Originally posted by MRamzan

where i can read more about technical indicators and what about the analysis that brokers provide ?

You can read about the indicators almost everywhere on the net.
Just place in Google terms like "technical indicators" "technical analysis indicators" "price action indicators", etc.

Brokers today (guilty as charged
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