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Structured Wolfe Wave setting up in DJIA

The Estimated Price at Arrival line implies a significant correction is coming over the next few weeks. If it lasts as long as the previous correction, it likely will drop to the 9000 level or lower.

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Structured Wolfe Wave setting up in DJIA.
If this is a #2 Bearish EW, it should start right about here. ES now trading at 1191.00 @ 13:22> If it is not then it should have void the EW. by 14:11
14:11 is a small time cycle, with 14:55 15:18, 15:48 and 16:03. I look for small highs and lows at support resistance on this times. Will see.
Originally posted by i1hunter

I have the WW but starts from the overnight. # 1, 08:30 @ 1191.25 H, # 4, 09:44 @ 1188.25. I think it is making a # 2 of a bearish EW If so then I will be looking at 1176 as the objective. Will see, it needs to finish #2 EW wave first. Will see, In due time will show us the way.

Bearish EW will be voided if price moves above today's high......
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