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ES Short Term Trading 12-02-2010

Lets start with some context. Profiles of this week and last week next to each other. We have 1205.25 and 1200.25 as HVN. We have 1203.25 and 1196.75 as LVN. And of course that large gap up yesterday will come into play eventually.

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raising secondary target up to 1212...then 08.25.....major assumtions is that it will roll over today and so far I've been way off...lets hopefully start with that 1216.75 print......then tighten up
just looking at 5 day average of put/ call...right around .90....that seems high.....perhaps I shouldn't have been so bearish with so much put volume....we'll see
a close up of November 9th and why I had 18.75 , the LVN and the 20.50 , the HVN area I mentioned early this morning...hasn't done much for me yet..
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