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ES Short Term Trading 12-02-2010

Lets start with some context. Profiles of this week and last week next to each other. We have 1205.25 and 1200.25 as HVN. We have 1203.25 and 1196.75 as LVN. And of course that large gap up yesterday will come into play eventually.

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8:30 gap filled in
08.75 is air in two minutes.......added at 10......won't add now until 12.50 if it prints
they are working on 4 th up bar in a row....don't think we will see 6 in a row today.....this is ideal short point if not selling on the way up
adding at 11.25 for 8.75 as initial as air is there...groups of 3 now!! coming...
14.50 add went on...going for all air below.... plan is to exit as air fills at each level..first off will be at 1211.50
18 - 20 is a huge area...I'm busting out for a huge loss on other side of that is it comes
Starting my short attempt at 1215.50
Hard to argue with that delta action. Reversal on support shelf now busting higher, supporting this move.

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footprint 12022010a
FWIW there are pit session single prints from early November between 16.25-17.0. A narrow range like that may not impact much but so far we stopped at the low end of them. The next higher legacy pit singles I have are between 24.0-24.75. We have filled pit session gaps from back then at 11.0 and 14.0.
Originally posted by pt_emini

Starting my short attempt at 1215.50

Avg short now 1216.00
a close up of November 9th and why I had 18.75 , the LVN and the 20.50 , the HVN area I mentioned early this morning...hasn't done much for me yet..
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