ES short term trading 1-13-11

I remain bullish untill the market tells me not to! But...
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might want to keep an eye on Demarks pivots today
remember to click on the chart twice to see the whole thing!...c ya!
many times when we have a big move on the day before a report, the day of the report is fairly lifeless.....either we we may expect some of those sell the rallies and buy breaks after trend day least early on...I'm hoping for a gap higher open again today to look for sell...thanks for all the great charts you have been posting since the new year kool!!
Developing profile for the week. HVN (green), LVN (red) marked. How long will that gap remained unfilled?

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Thanks Koolblue. Great chart.
Do you give any importance to extraneous events link POMO schedule, Bernanke's appearance somewhere etc?
there is a lot of AIR under pricing right now, i would like to see the market cover the gaps down at 1270 before moving forward. we really don't have any quality market structure to support this price level in my opinion. i am short @ 83.00 looking for a 77.50 target on the open.
Here is the O/N profile going into RTH.

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as long as we don't get a thirty minute close under the O/N low then we will get gap fill up......My prefered trades are to sell the first rally up today as long as we go above the close of YD...81.50 is a strong magnet to be leary of or to use as a target
long off 78.50...trips from YD is critical now
gheesh... I can't even get that air pocket above yet....
market seems to be trying to firm up...I'm not the best buyer of the market though...perhaps wishful thinking on my part..just give me that air !!
sorry i'm late with this but here's the chart i was trading off of this morning and how i came up with the 77.50 target.
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