ES short term trading 01/18/11

I'm looking for the ES to open at, or above Friday's close. If so, then I will go short, and looking for possibly 4/5 points to the down side.

Will see. got to work on some numbers tonight and se what the possibilities are.
I like that idea, especially if they can push it up into the 91.50 - 93 area but the real stumbling block today may be the NQ. It's down 18 points while the es is only off by 1.75 points as I type.

Friday was a trend day and we have written in here many times about the morning after trend days and how it is a " buy the break , sell the rally mentality"

the other area for me will be the 85 - 84 area...lots of time and volume there over the MLK holiday and key closes from Fridays trade there.. may be a good long point but will use caution and not be agressive on longs today. If we start getting closes under there they I will look for short opportunities
Right now it looks like it came out of a one timeframing setup into another.

Agree, 84 area looks like major support.
I was posting under i1hunter but never did like that name. From now on I will be using my initials WS.

ES open a bit below previous trading day close. I think it will move up to prev. trading day H. and possibly O/N H. before some retrace takes place. I'm on the side for now.

ES trading 1290.00 @ 09:38
I'm on 90 short but going real light....if Nq gap fills than this is going into 93 - 95 and don't want to be digging out...looking for open print again
selling here...1289.00, buying 1284.25.. charts in a minute!
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normally I don't like triples on the lows but the lack of high $ ticks so far has me liking those for my second campaign today...
short 90.25 and prepared to sell up into 93 area if needed
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Originally posted by BruceM

short 90.25 and prepared to sell up into 93 area if needed
..Brilliant! (as usual).. but when you have a chance ,why 90.25? That is imho, a great entry.
95 was the r1 level today...interesting finish....once we got the close outside that 60 minute high it never closed back was fun to watch!!