ES short term trading 01/18/11

I'm looking for the ES to open at, or above Friday's close. If so, then I will go short, and looking for possibly 4/5 points to the down side.

Will see. got to work on some numbers tonight and se what the possibilities are.
occliations around the 1289 number still...boring
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I should have also included 1298.50 and 1278.00 numbers from shorter term charts...
watching for close failures outside the 60 minute high...lots of numbers in the 91 - 93 area in general for resistence...we'll see...agree ...a real bore
triples at 1286.50 and 1287.25, and a hellova ledge at 1288.75 on the 5 min chart!
how true Kool.....the problem on these low volume days is that they form TOO many of them...and somebody can just hit the wrong button and rally ( in this case) the market....and not get those cleaned up.... I still like the short side idea but if the ES gets a close outside the 60 minute high and the NQ gets a close outside Fridays highs then I don't like the fade opportunities as much

as much as I like the short side I realize that they are accepting the higher prices from Fridays breakout so I just have too many conflicts to just jump on board here...perhaps if we get an air pocket up....
triples at the highs, lows and in the center....yikes....
95 was the r1 level today...interesting finish....once we got the close outside that 60 minute high it never closed back was fun to watch!!