A Kools Tools primer for newer traders

Tired of getting your ass kicked by the markets? Tried all the 'systems' and technical indicators but still losing? Mypivots has a wealth of information here by real traders who have completely differing methods but enjoy some success.My personal favorites include Bruce, who can be found in various threads, most recently on the es short term trading thread under Trading Strategies and setups.Charter Joe who uses a good opening range type method . Youll have to do a search here to call up his old threads. Do a search here for Mini ib thread (ib is fancy ass market profile talk for initial balance... basically the first bar of the trading period).Be sure to read the whole thing. Bruces fine work can be found several places here. He is a very good interpeter of market profile concepts(a method of interpeting price action,not a trading system per se)and of pit bull type concepts.Do a search here for pitbull three strategy and youll find it. Also i would highly recommend reading a market profile book or googling market profile concepts so you have a rough understanding of the terms and hopefully the concepts. Most of us pay close attention to Bruces 'air' on the es short term trading thread , which is really the markets tendancy to always come back to what market profile would call single prints.With these concepts you dont need indicators (which are lagging after the fact, by their very nature) , but simply price action as a determining factor in entering and exiting trades. There are many others. These are just a few of my personal fav's. This is so you will understand more about what some of us do on the es trading thread. For my own self, i use a unique, maybe even bizzare, method using fibonacci extensions (not retracements! which i have never found to be very useful for exact entries and exits!). Here is a quick primer so you will at least understand what i mean (whether you agree or not) when i post charts or make comments....
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Thanks Kool.... for the insight