ES Short Term Trading 02-01-2011

O/N Profile.

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Here is last weeks profile. Just thought I'd point this out...that HVN (green line) at 1295.50 just so happens to be the 2.618 projection up off the 30 min initial move from Fridays bottom which you have seen Kool mention several times.

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Short from 1295.50
short on 96 above key 93 - 95 zone
trading for gap fill by days end...but we'll settle for the O/N retest first...LOL
targeting 1292.50-1293 short term, then 1291.25 or so
One off at 1293.25, plus 2.25 handles for a nice beginning! holding the runner with a stop of one handle (1296.50)
i think buyers gonna get smoked today....but even so will be watching the close at 10:30 closely...perhaps I will be smoked...wanna see close below O/N high
Apologies for the amateur question but what is O/N High
OverNight High

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Apologies for the amateur question but what is O/N High
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Hey u know why my charts are getting crushed up ? Even full size image looks terrible.....looks great on my screen...LOL

Looks good to me - any chance that your browser is doing it?

If not, can you take a screen shot of the in-browser and on-desktop versions of the images and send them to me and I'll try and work out what the problem is?