ES Short Term Trading 02-01-2011

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the triples have me adding at 98.75 to this short but cautious and smaller on I think I may need to add above current highs near 1300 too...
not even one minus 300 $tick reading....even though I am short i am still expecting one of those big volume bars to shake everyone off the tree...perhaps into the 1302.50 area...lunchtime and still no test of a previous bars low ....that 11:30 close was crummy..meaning it closed right at the 60 minute high trend still intact..for now
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selling , ironically, the original daily projection of 1302.50
I took the loss at 99.75 ..the noon close above that weekly high....trying again with you kool from the 02.50 idea add point will be a second set of single prints if they form...

targeting the 1300.50 retest..
yeah, longer term i think MUCH higher prices are in store ,but intraday, were VERY overbought here, and my original daily target just seemed like a natural resistance point... at least we'll see , LOL
I also agree with your target as the initial one min move appears to be 1303.25 to 1302.00 (1.25x 2.618= 3.27 and subtracted from 1303.25= 1300)
currently , the red avg on my 5 min chart is at 1300.14 and rising and is usually a natural support point on any rally.
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Hey u know why my charts are getting crushed up ? Even full size image looks terrible.....looks great on my screen...LOL

Looks good to me - any chance that your browser is doing it?

If not, can you take a screen shot of the in-browser and on-desktop versions of the images and send them to me and I'll try and work out what the problem is?