ES Short Term Trading 02-01-2011

O/N Profile.

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Careful on the shorts guys, $ticks very strong today.
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Apologies for the amateur question but what is O/N High

We've tried to auto-link all acronyms to our dictionary from the forum so that new traders can easily follow along with the discussion but unfortunately the word O/N is too generic to link but if it's spelled O/N then it auto-links.
trying second short at 97.25...will add only above last weeks high if they push it there...the 93 - 95 is stronger then I thought and no test of open print is concern and indication of strength
stopped at 1296.50 on my runner.. up 1.25 on the day.. short again at 1297.25
Took one off at 1296.25, plus one there and back to up 2.25 on the day.. im not sure if i want to exit the smallest one min proj i can find at 1295.00 or try for the lower support...
i'm still alive as 1298.00 is the median prc line on the 30 min chart, so theres still hope!
sheese! stopped again at 1298.50.. back to up one handle on the day.. not much compensation so far. i'll still re try a short at these lofty levels tho ...
watching to see if they break out the weekly high with volume.....for a loss exit...otherwise they will drift it back and trade below a previous 30 minute bars low and further...single prints down below too
Im guessing a short term top of some sort is in.. i was targeting 129950 or 1300.50 and didnt pull the trigger yet.. i might sell anywhere over 1299 now ... waiting
watching this 60 minute high...ideal would see the 11:30 close below there but with a double top against that weekly high it is in doubt that the high is here yet
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Hey u know why my charts are getting crushed up ? Even full size image looks terrible.....looks great on my screen...LOL

Looks good to me - any chance that your browser is doing it?

If not, can you take a screen shot of the in-browser and on-desktop versions of the images and send them to me and I'll try and work out what the problem is?