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Ninja Trader with AMP Brokerage

I'm considering buying the Ninja super dome for $995 just to escape Trade-Station platform prices

your input for good or bad greatly appreciated

PS I mostly trade the SP Emini and sometimes stocks as well
to pt emini I got more education from you guys in the last week than I got from my school in the last 2 years.

now my question for you is: since you said there is a delay in trade station charts Does the same delay applies for their Matrix execution system?

And if the answer is yes, what platform offer an excution without delay but will not be too expensive?
I know you said to ask Trade station but I don't believe they will tell me the truth. Your response is greatly appreciated
I used tradestation for a while and didn't have many problems. Give transact at a test drive I have had the best experience with there market dom (matrix)
to pt emini I got more education from you guys in the last week than I got from my school in the last 2 years.

Happy to help out.

now my question for you is: since you said there is a delay in trade station charts Does the same delay applies for their Matrix execution system?
It is my understanding the order matrix runs off a separate data stream (order server) from the charts. Occasionally users will notice the two drift apart during fast market conditions. As I do not currently have TS on my computer, I cannot verify this with the most recent build release of TS.
Video captures of some NinjaTrader tests I ran this morning.

Note this testing uses the Mirus data server.

Part 1 Intro

Market Open

10 Tick Chart (new)

edit: updated 10 Tick Chart video to synchronize test charts starting tick.
Did some more tests this morning to supplement those I made yesterday.

Changed from Tick to Volume based charts. Caught a couple of the morning economic reports and the opening for some reasonably fast market conditions.

8:30am reports

RTH Open

10:00am reports
pt emini. thank you for your presentation you really did a professional job
Thanks for the videos. For me it shows clearly that some data is displayed even with more delays than that 100ms. I put the ninjatrader next to sierracharts and the results are stunning. I will not use ninjatrader 7 anymore for charting. I have moved to sierracharts. I have had enough of them.

The joke they pulled with CQG proves again ninjatrader is all about marketing and not so much about trading.

Quoting 'fattails'
When you start up ninjatrader this happens :

Before even connecting to a data provider ninjatrader sets up between 3 and 6 connections.

-> (2x)
-> unknown

(1) is a host located in Frankfurt and run by Limelight Networks. Limelight Networks is a content deliverer who allows for sending files via the public internet.

(2) If I check for, I find an IP address 128.3052.37, which belongs to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), so probably nothing wrong here.

(3) The IP address is related to the following host names:
Negociação de Divisas por FXCM
http:/www. fxcmexpo. com

All these sites belong to FXCM. One of the two data providers of Kinetick is FXCM, just strange that an internet connection to FXCM is established prior to connecting to Kinetick EOD.

(4) The IP address is operated by Internap Network Services Corporation in Bellevue, Washington. It is also linked to the domain, which is for sale.

After connecting with Kinetick on ninjatrader (data provider from ninjatrader) :


'unquoting fattails'

The thing that worries me is that ninjatrading is connecting to different ip address. Why is this ? What are they logging ? What is the use ? If it's only license checking they could do it to 1 of their servers, but why more than 6 connections to 6 different servers ?

In one of the earlier versions of ninjatrader 7 they sended out account information and trades in plain text without encrypting it or without a secure connection. That was unacceptable and they fixed that in one of their latest betas. They said they log your trades if you are using the static DOM because of the payments they have to make for the patent to TT.

Scary stuff.
YSS aka TradeMetal,

Here are my comments on your statements so readers of this post can understand the true nature of what is happening vs your attempt to inflate facts into something they are not.

- The videos created by pt_emini are inaccurate. Pt_emini will confirm this either with a post and/or video demonstrating that changing the refresh rate of chart will not cause the loss of ticks thus influencing how bars are built.

- The multiple IP’s that NinjaTrader establishes connections are to pull news data from various RSS feeds. If you do not wish to have this you can disable this via Tools > Options > RSS and uncheck any RSS feed you wish to not be subscribed to.
- Regarding the 7ticks connection…This is a service provider that manages NinjaTrader servers. Information such as futures rollover date and rollover offsets are pulled from this server. We also store free market replay data files on these servers thus, anyone of our users can pull this data for free.

- There is no joke regarding CQG. NinjaTrader worked with CQG to develop and API specific to NinjaTrader. NinjaTrader connects to their global network for order routing and real time market data. Historical data is maintained by NinjaTrader servers recorded from the real time CQG stream.
Edit to my last post. pt_emini already edited his original post with a new replacement video demonstrating that he mistakingly set up the original test. The new video clearly demonstrates that NinjaTrader is not dropping ticks.
Thanks for replying and clarifying this out.

When will you remove that 100ms chart delay ?
TransAct has the best rating here:
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