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Ninja Trader with AMP Brokerage

I'm considering buying the Ninja super dome for $995 just to escape Trade-Station platform prices

your input for good or bad greatly appreciated

PS I mostly trade the SP Emini and sometimes stocks as well
I would also like to make a bet.

If I can prove that ninjatrader misplaces tick bid/ask data I can win something.

Ready for the challenge ?
Originally posted by YSS

pt_emini thanks for your reply.

I can agree with your vision about commission cost. But for me it's unacceptable, I pay close to $100k in total commissions (all included), going with mirrus/amp/inifinity will raise this cost with at least $10k a year for me. I really have to have a good trading day for a $10k profit

I'm very happy to read that you suspect Ninjatrader to fix that 0,1second delay. I asked it to the CEO of Ninjatrader directly and he replied to me that he didn't even wanted to hear or talk about it.
With such an attitude, I think it's time that Ninjatrader comes from their pedestal and face reality. They are not the only software out there.

Zenfire : Like I said there is no zenfire, it's the Rithmic datafeed. About your remarks for the tick data, it's basicly impossible to do it correct on ninjatrader due to the weird way they handle and store the incoming tick data. It's an issue they promised to fix in 7 but postponed it, with some luck it will be there in 7.5 or 8, meaning X-years, and probably a few thousand beta versions.

Zenfire is good for an ordering datafeed, just like TT is. But not for charting. Those who use zenfire for charting must understand they will have errors/gaps-missing data/false data and especially wrong bid/ask tick data.

About DTN and what you write, you have it wrong. DTN/IQFeed made a deal with ninjatrader to brand it as Kinetick (not Rithmic as you wrote) so, Zenfire = Rithmic and Kinetick = DTN/IQfeed. I tested the build in api layer into ninjatrader compared to using the DTN/IQfeed driver software and I see no difference.

Why is the Kinetick datafeed not a good plan and is DTN/IQfeed better ?
* No telephone support, did you had any datafeed problems ? I had, I tried to call them, not possible, had to wait until their offices were open to get an answer to my mail : Support times sucks at kinetick !!!
* Only CME fees waived (we all use that right?) when you have a payed ninjatrader, trading enabled version, which you use minimum once in a while (they check on that)
* Only usable for ninjatrader, I can use my DTN/IQFeed on all the supported software 'at the same machine at the same moment!!' meaning I can have ninjatrader/sierracharts and marketdelta all connecting to my DTN/IQFeed

CQG: I will test it, but for now, knowing that ninjatrader cannot handle their bid/ask tick data storing correctly I don't put my hopes on it. Also, I got CONFIRMATION that in the deal Amp/CQG static dom licence is NOT included. You will have to pay extra for it (per trade)

I am on the AMP Ninja Trader CQG trial.

1. Well first , I got disconnect 2 times in less than 40 min. Every disconnect about 30 sec.I am not sure if it's just the trial version that does this but I don't like it.

2. I like to us AMP data to feed into Market Delta charts. This would save me a few hundered bucks a month of data feed.
So I emailed Market Delta on how to integrate CQG datafeed with Market Delta and here is what they answered me ( that was on March 10 2010 ... this could be resolved in the future...not sure )

The Answer of Market Delta is below:

Good Morning Kevin,

To connect MarketDelta with your broker, you will need a ZenFire Account. Make sure that your broker provides two logins, one for MarketDelta, and one for Ninja Trader.

AMP BROKERAGE now offers customers the ability to route Ninja through the CQGTrader API. If they elect to do this, their data feed will no longer work with MarketDelta.

Unsupported: "CQGTrader" is different from "CQG Integrated Client" and is a trading DOM only, and we do not support data for that.

Supported: CQG Integrated Client includes the charts, and this is the program with the API.

If you have any further questions, respond to this ticket.

Make a great day,

Ryan Mular
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YSS: Yes, I noticed a Zen-Fire delay, too. My friend complained about the same thing yesterday and there is even a post on EliteTrader now about this: . Quaint, indeed, how CQG is both more accurate and cheaper than Zen-Fire.
TransAct has the best rating here:
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