Hardware Software Configuration for Traders

We've recently had some discussion on the forum about hardware/software that trader's use. For example:

Trading is hard enough as it is and struggling with hardware and software installation and configuration detracts from trading and sidelines our concentration. As such I don't have a problem with us helping each other by discussing these types of topics.

We also learn about new hardware/software that we may not have been aware of such as the multi-display USB adapter linked above.

I recently received an email asking if I thought it was a good idea to create a separate section of the forum just to focus on this type of topic. For the time being I suggest that we keep it in the Trader's Lounge and if this type of topic starts to dominate the Trader's Lounge I will create a new forum and move the topics there.

Let me know what your thought are...
I think keeping it in the Trader's Lounge is good. I really don't think there are enough topics to justify it's own section.
Having the hardware topic with the software topics would seem logical. The Chineese embassy "Walmart" keeps them together lol
Day trading. As far as I’m concerned the answer is YES you should create a separate section about this topic. For a simple reason one can get lost in the amount of information you have in your web site, further more these topics are very much on top of the new traders list of concern having a separate section will invite more professional discussing about the subject and maybe even you will learn something new
Originally posted by khamore1

...and maybe even you will learn something new

I discover that the more I learn the less I realize I know. I am learning from traders on this forum everyday.
I must add a few words to my previous post. DT you must find a way to prevent this new topic to be a sale forum for companies it can hurt the forum more than it can add to it. As a new trader I follow this forum and most probably I will buy anything recommended here, if I will get a bad or biased recommendation I most probably will leave this forum I believe other traders will do the same. So it up to you. But concerning the issue in my opinion it is definitely important and deserve a new topic