Multi-Display USB DVI VGA HDMI Adapter

Day traders often need to see multiple forms of content at the same time. The Multi-Display USB 2.0 to DVI/VGA or HDMI Adapter ( by Sabrent ( allows the use of multiple monitors from one computer tower or laptop without the need to open the computer and install additional hardware (one adapter needed per monitor). This is the ultimate in multitasking, enabling you to open trading software, analytical software, new sources, email, chat programs, and even Bloomburg TV on the a variety of screens while keeping everything open and visible so you can access your information at a single glance.

Simply install the software, plug the device a USB port, and plug the additional monitor into the monitor port of the adapter. Most notebook computers only come with one or two video out ports, using your two existing video out ports you can now have a total of eight monitors to spread your work across. You can even extend applications, such as Excel, across multiple platforms allowing for easy access to your data. This easy to install device will both increase your productivity and make managing multiple screens of data easier. The Tiger Direct price is $49.99.

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I'm curious why this would get voted down? This post detracts from the forum, looks like SPAM, looks like it is shilling for someone, is negative, etc.? It seems like a useful product for easily adding multiple monitors outside of the usual multi-card. The company, Tiger Direct, is one I have used myself, and I feel is on par with NewEgg, Amazon, etc., it obviously isn't shilling for them.

Was this voted down because the product doesn't work that well? If so, that would make for a useful post, describing the issues, etc. A down vote for that reason (with no post or follow up), though, isn't helpful, since we have no idea why the down vote was cast. I'm all for the voting system, but when it doesn't make sense to me, I want to understand what is going on...
And another down vote on the original post. I might just go ahead and buy one of these, try it out, and report what I think of it, even though I'm fully configured already. Why isn't this a helpful post? Understand, I have no idea who this poster is, I have no affiliation with the company who makes the product, none with the seller he links to. I just want to understand the reasons why this is voted down.

If I were looking for an alternative multi-monitor solution and I saw this post, I'd pass on this option based on the negative votes. Would I be passing because the product isn't very good for trading setups? If so, what is wrong with it? If you are voting this down because the product isn't very useful, you aren't willing to elaborate?

If you are voting this down because it seems like a promo, do you really think this person is affiliated with the fairly large company that makes this product, and they came here to post this to shill for one of many products they make, hoping maybe to sell a half-dozen of them? Given their profit margin per unit, that would be a big money maker for them.

So, people feel sharing a product that may be useful for our tech setups is inappropriate? If so, I'll make sure I don't post the make and model of the new monitors I bought, with a link, because that would get negative votes? If I find a DSL modem that works particualrly good for me I shouldn't make a similar post as the above? It's not a good thing for this forum? In a thread called the Traders Lounge, a 'General Discussion Forum'?

Can someone please explain what I'm missing here, as there must be something obvious I just can't see...
I don't think you are missing anything Jim. I'm intrigued by the product. However I don't have any experience with how it performs. Like you, I'm happy with my setup but if I wanted to add another monitor this seems to be an interesting option to consider.

I'm gonna vote it up. I suggest you do to if you thought the post was useful.
Thanks for the reply, Lorn. The only reason I didn't vote it up was because I didn't want to alter the count, as I tried to figure out what could possibly be drawing negative votes... Now I see the count is back to zero from -2, so at least two people voted it up (out of 127 reads...). Perhaps the count was lower than -2 at some point and I didn't see it. So, it will be in the + column as soon as I vote (tomorrow, as I'm out of votes for today), and everyone reading my previous posts will think I'm nuts...
Thought I would add my experiences with using a USB to DVI adaptor.
My own setup - I have 2 NVidia GeForce 8600GT PCI Express video cards (dual output).
I wanted to add a fifth monitor and was looking at going over to a quad card but the expense put me off and also I had read that it is preferable to have the same model video cards so as to avoid any conflicts.
I bought a Digitech USB to DVI adaptor for AUD $129.00 over 11 months ago and have been very happy with the unit.
Actually it appears to be the same unit as the one that is mentioned above.

Digitech USB to DVI Adaptor

Enabling the addition of up to six extra displays, this adaptor allows you to add high-resolution graphics without having to add a graphics card - just connect it to any USB 2.0 port. Ideal for gamers, conference or AV rooms, POS systems or industrial applications.

• Video output with DVI connector
• Supports VGA/HDMI video output via DVI-VGA/DVI-HDMI adapter
• Easily connects additional monitors using a USB 2.0 cable
• Mirror or extend computer display workspace
• Resolution: up to 1,920 x 1,080 pixels at 32-bit colours
• No external power supply needed
• Supports Vista Aero

This is advertising. Is this forum a free place to advertise. I was
under the impression there was a fee for advertising. I don't know
just asking .. no I didn't vote on this topic ..
Isn't advertising only advertsing if it is your product or you have an interest in the product, though? Like, in this thread:

People are mentioning specific monitors, brand, model, and so on. There's a link for AMD in one post. No one is trying to make money from those posts, and I really got a lot out of the posts. I just don't see why this would be viewed as different, it a potentially useful tech component for us traders, it has details and a link to follow up on if anyone wants to.

Now, if someone says 'Here's a computer, built for traders, and here's the link' and you can tell the person is involved with the company, they are clearly a shill, to me that's advertising and isn't appropriate. But if I upgrade my DSL modem, and this new one I find, I think it is just so much better than any others I've tried (I do have seemingly endless DSL modem troubles...), so I come here and do a clone post to the above for this new modem, and I link to a place like NewEgg or Amazon where I may have bought mine, that would be advertising? Who for? The modem comany? NewEgg? I'm just trying to pass on something from the tech end that I found useful. It would be pretty clear I'm not shilling for NewEgg or the modem company.

All I'm trying to do here is define the boundaries of what is good, useful information for the forum. I think sometimes people get so shell shocked by all the shills all the time that they tend to react instantly to everything, even good posts. I personally know more than a handful of people that have come here (and elsewhere) and been 'attacked' immediately, when I know their intentions were good, and promised never to come back or post again.

I understand being vigilent and keeping shills away, but maybe it is getting carried to an extreme? Now, if this same poster comes back and posts additional posts like this, and all for the same company, then that would raise suspicion. But, is the policy here shoot first and ask questions later? I'd think that would scare a lot of people away. Just saying...
I have to wonder about the original poster's intention. He/she joined the forum 4 days ago, made a single post (i.e. started this topic), and has not been seen since.
You have a good point DT. Advertising or not tho I was glad to see the post & really appreciate Eric's input. I had no idea anything like this was avaliable, I'm due for new hardware in a few months. Computer wizards are few & far between when you live in the sticks like I do, I'll take info where I can find it.
Well, I will say one thing, if I was a new poster, had come in and showed what I thought was a cool tech thing that was helpful to me, and then I quickly had two negative votes and a negative score for that, and then all the attention from my follow up and so on, I'd probably never post again. I'd be far too intimidated. I agree, it does seem somewhat suspicious, but unless I saw the same post in many other forums at the same time (indicating the person may be from the company), I'd be hard pressed to comprehend how this kind of posting could do such a big company any good.

The thing is, and understand, I'm just talking out loud for the sake of open discussion to try to make the forum a better place, the rules are such that you need reputation to be able to vote, post counts to contact others via PM, and so on for other privileges. So, a person comes in, and they need to post, and make good, helpful posts to get votes. Many may be afraid to make a trading post right away, and may post some 'easy' things to start.

I know many regulars here are very confident in posting, but as a new person to the forum, unknown, I honestly can't imagine making a post. I know it would be scrutinized, and really leaned on. Any hint of being product related, even if there was no intention, it just came across that way, and you're dead meat. Any talk about a trade without explaining, in advance, the methodology, reasoning, entry and exit, and you're leaned on. Any discussion of trade size (I'm buying 5 at xx.xx and my targets are...) and you're leaned on. And so on. (Just go to any of the daily ES threads in the Trading Strategies area and you can see what I mean.)

I understand the reasoning for all this, and don't disagree with it, but a new poster doesn't necessarily grasp the nuances for this yet. A few posts and the typical responses, and I'd be gone. Yes, this forum is way, way better than any other one I have seen, but I still think it can lean a bit towards shoot first and ask questions later.

I think when something is in a gray area like this may be, the benefit of the doubt should be given, the assumption of innocent until proven guilty given, and then see where it goes from there. The intention would become clear very quickly with future posts, and maybe with a slightly gentler hand the person won't be too intimidated to ever post again.

Just my two cents, I hope it doesn't set anyone off. I hate shills as much as anyone, but I really hate scaring new people away, too.

Originally posted by day trading

I have to wonder about the original poster's intention. He/she joined the forum 4 days ago, made a single post (i.e. started this topic), and has not been seen since.
Yahoo Finance had an advertisment on these adapters today. Ebay has many of them, cheaper than the link posted on this thread.