What size monitors are the best for trading?

I bought 4 monitors with a stand from Dell for a cost of $1000
their size is 21.5" by 9.5" they are piece of garbage I can't really see the whole picture with them especially when the market volatility is high . I know a lot of experienced traders are here so I ask your advice for the size of the monitor and the brand you think is the best,
for some of you it will sound like a stupid question. But
I don't want to experiment again with another $1000

PS my budget now is no more than $600
I have 4 Samsung SyncMaster204b ultra thin 21inch monitors on a quad stand and they have wide verity of settings I think they were 300 a price. These are the best I have used.
ViewSonic or LG if you have a Comp USA near you they will have some on sale every week, this week Valentine sale probably LOL. If your using digital monitors you may need to get a longer cable. Keep your distance lengths in mind.
CharterJoe and bigsky9439 - can you upload images of what your trading desk looks like?
Thank you for your reply. maybe I did not explain myself properly my problem with my monitors are their hight not their quality they are too short only 9.5 inches for this reason I cant see (predict) the "whole picture" of course the simple solution will be to buy new monitors which are higher the question for me would be what size?
I'm afraid to buy too big monitors and cause myself the same loss.
will you help
PS. day trading, I will try to upload a picture of my monitors here if my technical skill will allow it to me
Click image for original size

Here's a shot of my trading office, under the desk Dell Precision Dual Quads 12 Digital I/O, 16gRam, APC Ups. House is on 26KVA generator keep in mind I live in Hurricane Central LOL!
As a general rule the size of the monitor depends on your real estate. Check out the site below!!!!


I have a set of Samsung 22 inch monitors. My viewable screen area is 29.5 cm. ( = 11.6 inches ) in vertical height.

Viewsonic monitors are good, but a bit more expensive than Samsung. I would look at standard 22" or 24" monitors, also for the new monitor verify the new monitor resolution is compatible with your existing video card driver, and verify the VESA mount is compatable with your stand (some monitors do not have VESA mounts).
It really depends on how and what you're trading. I only use 1 monitor for each instrument I'm focusing on and trading. 1 for ES, 1 for NQ and 1 for EC. Any more charts or "big picture" data is just excess information that doesn't help my trading. It really just comes down to your trading system and narrowing things down to the charts that you make you profitable, not having a bunch of charts and monitors like one of those previous pictures with 14 monitors. Basically you want to make sure every chart you have contributes to your success. If it doesn't add anything to your trading, you don't need it IMO.
I agree with rob, I used to have 8 x 21" and there is no way you can watch them all, and its too hot!! I would rather see 1 well laid out monitor a 1 min, 5min, 15min and 30min, and a deal book all on the same screen, that's way more effective for me. I'll get some pics up soon....
Rob's 'real estate' assessment is on target.
Take care of your eyes! Research ALL the ergonomic angles.
I intra-day trade one market, YM, with two 26" Samsung monitors (and a Fujitsu E series laptop in the kitchen) which are set back 1.2 meters, and centered just above eye level (posture). These two Samsungs are work horses (as is the Fujitzu laptop). They have operated 18 hours, nearly every day (only ten hours on Saturdays), these past three years.
Eat often. May I suggest corporate day care? lol
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YSS I love your monitors. I googled and found them on tech bargains for $169 unfortunately they sold out. is it the same monitor you have?

I bought them from DELL, you can read the exact type in my previous post.