ES trading 4-5-11

I just updated my video from Friday which hopefully has better sound...please let me know if you can actually hear this one
No video below? Try this link: high_volume.swf

short 31.25
i will try a short scalp at the current one min proj of 1332.50 (proj is 1332.75)if hit very soon...
I'm short off the O/N high and trying to get the 29.75 retest.....
out flat at entry and thankful
trying to cover 29.25
what helped on that was the air pockets below....I'm not sure if it important to point those out anymore but hopefully someone gets the context on that....a failed break ( so far) of an On high....back to a key number below....with air pockets to help pull us back....
should come down to 28.50
Started monitoring cummulative delta (middle pane on the chart). Thank you Lorn for help with this.

I find the chart below interesting. YOu can clearly see the divergence. price made new high, but the cumulative delta did not. Lorn, any comments?

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2011 04 051056
1332.50 is the outer band for the 5 min now Kool
BruceM I am trying to understand the "air pockets"

is it basically a lack of volume at price points on a move up or down, that then fails?
something to check out looking at end of day where were they all