ES trading 4-5-11

I just updated my video from Friday which hopefully has better sound...please let me know if you can actually hear this one
No video below? Try this link: high_volume.swf

I update once every morning but your data coming from IB in packet form you might need to update more often.

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It worked. Chart looks like yours now. Do you update your data during the day? IF so, how often?

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Try downloading a fresh set of data and see if it updates for you.
We are at the bottom of the old gap on ES - Feb 21
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I'm throwing this out there just for the folks who actually started reading Jpearls thread........The skew is down.....PVP is above Vwap the majority of todays bulk volume is below the 30.75 price....

Vwap splits the days volume in two...equal volume above and below....

doesn't mean we can't go higher into new lower volume area but mathematically it is interesting.....`1330.75 holds the key up here!!!

Just something FRESH to think about.......

Failures above YD RTH highs if they come( low volume trade)will go right back to 30.75
wow- no action- watching paint dry
FED minutes released at 2:00.

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wow- no action- watching paint dry
back!...storm is over so maybe i can sqeeze in one trade before it gets too late...
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overall, basically a fairly bullish day,yet again. Over the past 5-1o trading days ,however certain numbers seem to keep appearing from several different highs and lows. Even on different time frames... those numbers are 1337 and change, and 1440.25 on the upside and 1318.50 or so on the downside.. going forward those areas should be kept in mind!... Right now, 1328.25-1329.50 looks to be a decent buyzone.. 1334.25-1337 and change SELL...
just trying to get 2 handles here(and hence im using a 2 handle stop again)
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something to check out looking at end of day where were they all