ES trading 4-5-11

I just updated my video from Friday which hopefully has better sound...please let me know if you can actually hear this one
No video below? Try this link: high_volume.swf

heres the better buy zone...1328.50... and once again im trapped in a late day trade!...yuck!
now im going to have to cover breakeven.. too late in the day and i need to get ready for work!
just filled at 29.50! no harm no foul...still think higher is in the cards but gotta run!...c ya!
again, that 1333.75 i posted is a brick wall. this POC was from 2/17. if they can't gert through it, i would expect a down trend soon. or a violent pop up through it. will post tonight once i get infront of my charts.
something to check out looking at end of day where were they all