ES numbers 4-14-11

1300 - key number and O/N low

1305 - 1306 - volume spike and second Deviation of Vwap, Wednesdays low and now a low volume area in O/N session ******* critical today

1310.50 Volume spike from wednesday and near O/N high

1314- 1315 - Volume spike, 1st deviation of YD vwap

above is 1319.75 and 1323.50

although it is listed I don't like the 1310 number because we have the close at 08.50 and a VPOC at the same the point is that there are too many numbers in that area for me to find a useful one

I prefer longside to go fill in low volume at 1305 - 1306 with this gap lower trade
starting small long at 1302...ON volume building down here
O/N Profile.

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1304.75 looks like a natural magnet on your chart Lorn.
...and 1305 is yesterdays RTH low.

Originally posted by pt_emini

1304.75 looks like a natural magnet on your chart Lorn.
agree Pt and that is my target....

and congrats to Paul...he gave us the 1303 number after the close of Mondays trade......based on on his.62 extension method
looking to put core longs on below O/N low if it comes....otherwise just holding this trade for that 04.75....

Babysitting my two year old so not agressive on entry or exits this morning
long into 98.50
CD picture.

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all off except two at 1302...that was original O/N entry...If you look at Lorns chart you will see a mini symetric distribution at those lows.....just like a neutral day....the classic bell curve....

so they tend to like to drag it back into those....unless of course volume comes in to break it away....

final target still trying still 04.75
biggest volume bar sits at the lows and was tested once...I hope that is enough......stop set at 99.50 just in case they come back to that volume
Bingo on the 1309 ... lol

Not sure where we go from here, my guess is back to the VWAP and another sweep through Bruce & Lorn's 14.75 level.