ES numbers 4-14-11

1300 - key number and O/N low

1305 - 1306 - volume spike and second Deviation of Vwap, Wednesdays low and now a low volume area in O/N session ******* critical today

1310.50 Volume spike from wednesday and near O/N high

1314- 1315 - Volume spike, 1st deviation of YD vwap

above is 1319.75 and 1323.50

although it is listed I don't like the 1310 number because we have the close at 08.50 and a VPOC at the same the point is that there are too many numbers in that area for me to find a useful one

I prefer longside to go fill in low volume at 1305 - 1306 with this gap lower trade
nothing to say this couldn't come back through 1302 took one more off at 03.50 ..... putting stop now at 1300.75 on last contract
that was right into OR always a place we need to be concerned and take something off
flat at 04.50........have a great day everyone.....
Nice trading BruceM, and thanks for the commentary. I missed the entry at the lows looking for a flush. Oh well.
Nice trade Bruce !

Gap fill at 1309.00 looks like the next upside target.
Bingo on the 1309 ... lol

Not sure where we go from here, my guess is back to the VWAP and another sweep through Bruce & Lorn's 14.75 level.