ES Short Term Trading for 4-20-2011

here's a look at a profile chart this morning. We have a huge opening gap up this morning and it has left some single prints down at the 22.50 to 21.25 range. I am thinking to go short just after the open around the O/N highs of 28.50 to 1320.75 which is the bottom of the value range today.
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es 06 11 5 min 4202011
Here is the O/N profile.

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all volume still at the OR range so selling into 26 for retest back down......
i'm with ya Bruce.. i'm short at 25.75 looking for 1323.75 then 1322.
WOW thre is a real fight on here at 1325
that is where o/n's highest volume is fwiw
I like the 20 area too OP as a target ultimately as gaps and key numbers for 4- 11 there.......but key numbers from that day are 26.75 , 23.50 and 19.75 as per the 4 -12 numbers the 23.50 needs to break down and NOT be support ....
just filled at 23.75 will let the rest go. moved stop to B/E
knowing the key numbers from prior RTH trading days is critical for RTH trading......seems like this market can be pushed around easy in O/N tradings so the numbers don't work as well there
i agree, i think we will have a hard time with getting downto the 20 area although, i have a chart with prc bands and a fib showing we should hit there. just stopped out. wouldn't ya know it?
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es 06 11 5 min 4202011
new shorts again at 26.75....we'll add if Or high runs...once again target will be OR range... unless Volumne comes in strong they will drive it back down again
Here is the end of day chart to study. I've added a new pane at the bottom of relative volume. The bars compare volume to that specific time frame over 200 days of trading to give a relative percent reading compared to the normal (average) volume of that period. So for instance, the two big red bars at 12:25 and 12:30 were saying the volume at those time stamps was 250% greater in relative strength then the average over the last 200 days.

Not sure if it helps any. I'm just experimenting with it.

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