ES 5-6-2011

Just wanted to point out on this 30-min chart with weekly volume profile on it the massive uptick in volume today on the one large down bar.

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If the report is bad I have key area down at 1318.75 - 20. This is a gap area that has been unresolved. Head and shoulder folks will be watching that area too. Otherwise 46 - 48 is the key zone on the upside. Good luck today.
this is the dow but fighting fib number here. does anyone know does the trading tend to fade over the day on NFP day?

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small short at and the O/N.....lots of numbers up here.......52.50 - 55 is next zone if other reports today

targeting 45.50...
flat 46.75....this is key zone so I was looking for sells above it "knowing " that they would probably attempt to retest it after trading above it

sorry for the late post...hopefully the logic is understood

48.75 has volume at it now so we have a nice resistance zone with that and the O/N sell against in Day session

42.75 BEGINS to define the low volume area from the O/N session
41- 42.50 is the first POSSIBLE support zone if any is to show up...this is the O/N air pocket....and it's always good to know the point that initiated news moves......that point would be down at 38.75!!
starting RTH shorts at 48.50 print ...this will most likely need to be added to so light up here....add ons will be above O/N highs if they come

no reports to mess me up at 10 today
where was/is the plus 4 - 5.5 number ? a few simple ideas and trade failure outside O/N highs.........keep it simple,,,I don't mention the pitbull numbers because most think they are too silly to actually work....


trying for 42.50 as next target
strating new sells now at is 46.50,,,looks like a fake of 60 minute high break
Here we are at the NY lunch hour. Pretty straightforward looking, nice hidden divergence at the top, overall volume is light.

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taking a piece off at 43.75 and trying to hold two runners...can't expect too much..they may neded to work on 46.50 some more before deciding a real direction
Yes BruceM, I am very appreciative of your posts. Wife and I are getting ready to hit the road for a year long travel across this great land of ours in our new fifth wheel RV. So I am a bit distracted but once on the road I will be spending my mornings following along.

Thanks again.