insyte journal may2011

holding es short from 1343.50 for overnight trade. S/L at 1349.50. Target 1338.50. one contract.
consistent ticks between 400-900 keeping the market afloat. usd also weak. rally from 1316 from yesterday has been one sided. but price is king, and so far mkt. looking strong. s/l still @ 1335.50. moving profit target to 1329.50.
s/l hit at 1335.50 for a loss of -4. low vol ramp up continues on back of declining usd.

next tgt to short: 1340.25, if and when
great market strength so far. going short es if it trades at 1334.75
cracking? high negative ticks now
o/n trade
buying @1335.5; s/l 1331.5; tgt 1339
o/n short trade
sell 1344.25, s/l 1348.5; tgt 1241.25
got this for +3.5 points
flat now
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o/n trade
buying @1335.5; s/l 1331.5; tgt 1339
buying at 1339.5 with 4 pt s/l and 4 point traget.
or by at 1344.5 to tgt 1347.5