ES 6-14-2011

See note from ES 6-13-2011 thread. Add 1276.25-.50 as a S/R level.
I have a confluence of things around 1270-1272 will look to go long from that area.

NPOC up at 1285.75. Also a pitbull number if we open around here (1280)Will go short up there.

Good luck to all.
1280 - 81 and 1286 - 1287 are key resistence today...key on downside here in O/N is 72.50 - 73.75 September contract...

good trading today!!
with triples on the lows u know what the plan is into the O/N high and the plus 4...these kinds of trades we don't mind losing on...79.50 is a low volume area that hopefully needs to be filled in to help pull market back down
so if we take 2.5 off the current day session high we also hit right into that 79.50 low volume area....u gotta take something off into those if ya got em...and then try to hold runners for open print and those triples if they go for them......bigger traders would be thinking about gap fills and all that stuff but why be greedy?

6 minutes and the hour range is in
a/d line at 8 to 1 ..that's strong..but I'm not convinced it can be sustained...two ideas for me will be sells after we take out hour highs and get back below the O/N high or else will wait to see the area up at 86 - 87 for sells...
yesterday's range added to yesterday's H = 1284.00

the 618 extension of Monday's rqnge wa 1279.25.

odds are about 8 in 10 that 1384.00 prints.
well, 1384 might eventually print again sometime in our lifetimes, but that should have read 1284.00 LOL
selling 82.75...hopefully not too early..will watch 90 minute high breakout if it comes
This area 82.50-84 is a likely stall zone.

not only is price already within 1 tick of yesterday's range added to yesterday's H, but 1282.50 is the 600 xma of 5 min RTH only.

first test from below often stalls and does some retracement.

WHY? the 600 on the 5min bars is equal to the 200 on the 15min bars and that could be bringing in higher timeframe swing traders to book longside profits (or could attract them to short) I did not come up with this, Chaikin did.
Here for a short while. Shorts - careful

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have a good one