ES 6-14-2011

See note from ES 6-13-2011 thread. Add 1276.25-.50 as a S/R level.
ahh..can't take it....flat at 82.50...we are way overbought...10 to one up volume...this is 50% back again
hi bruce, thanks for the posts today; where did you short, the 86-87 area you mentioend this morning? if so, the first or second visit to that area, just curious

both times Nick but smaller the second time ...I was using that big one minute volume bar as the target...if I had bigger size on the second time I would have tried to hold longer but i was entertaining the thought that the second time up may not have worked as well...and I thought it may have tried to bust through to shake out more shorts...i was wrong on that in hindsight but better safe than sorry...late in the day is not a time for me to be agressive

lots of volume trading near that 82.50...gotta keep that on the radar....we are equal in range above and below that point....
thanks for the explanation bruce
one other thing ....I traded more today than usual. I'm blowing out of town for the next few days with the family so I was trading more than usual the past two days....hope all have a profitable week.. take care!!
have a good one