ES 6-14-2011

See note from ES 6-13-2011 thread. Add 1276.25-.50 as a S/R level.
BTW - YM has a gap just above, so could run in the void
INDU - gap
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2011 06 141100
trying to get to 80.50 ...that woulkd be 50% back and test of O/N high
wathcing to see if they will break out that 90 minute high to shake out all of us that r expecting the selling tail to hold...

it would be an easy push up into 86 from there...hoping that isn'tthe plan but will still sell into 86 area if it comes

difficult part is that we had 3 higher highs on the 30 minute and they just tested the bracket low by trading under that last 30 minute bar........trends like to test and then keep going...still not convinced... Ithink this rally needs to breathe a bit more and retrace some more

80.50 has all the volume and I want that u hear me ???? LOL!!
volume at 10 to 1 up volume confirms the A/D we are agressive but not stupid up here

seems like too much , too soon....
"they" might only need 84.00, 1 tick takeout.
we can look at this as a 90 minute rally.......have u ever run for 90 minutes straight ? We all need to breath sometimes...the print of 80.75 will have me pull this off and tighten runners...assuming it will print
holding two runners...they will either go get those triples on the lows or get stopped out at 82.75.....

this 80 - 81 is critical....developing POC is here and 50 % back...buyers and sellers may battle here!
when we were at 80.50 my risk to reward was even on final target....risking 2.75 points to try and get an additional 2.75 points per contract

as/if we get below 80.50 the risk to reward becomes way out of wack
nice failure so far outside 90 minute high and Pauls beautiful 84 number
have a good one