ES Fri 6- 24 -11

key resistance pre 8:30 reports is:

Low volume area from Wednesdays RTH trade at 1284.50

High Volume at 89 - 90

key support will be :

1273.75 - 1275 a low volume area Yesterday and

1266.50 - 1268.50 is the upper part of the "b" pattern yesterday and the aftrenonn lows. Below there we have the 1262.50 which is the peak volume from the bell curve.

lets see if the 8:30 reports change the confirmation of our numbers from the O/N session. So far they have respeceted the numbers generated from the day sessions.
thanks for all the info bruce, it is really helpful, and congratulations btw
the idea behind low volume is u want to see immediate rejection and not spend much time in those zones. I'm planning on new lows soon and hopefully a buy opportunity near 69
i have a buying area down at 69 as well, 1.618 projection of the move from 86 to 75.5 on my 15m chart
make that a 67.5-69 area...the 30 min projection is slgihtly below so condensing the too gives that area
one last try from 71 for me..and very light...runners getting no targets today...I may be early here...73.75 is target..will add under 69
I really want to see that big down volume flush...minus 8 - 10 is nearby now....added at 68.50...too fast to post
First volume today

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2011 06 241013
tricky stuff and not willing to trade and add all the way to 62 !!! yikes...targeting 70.75 and higher...air is in there
will add under 66.50...keeping it all smaller as I usually do if a few small winners..

it's like they read my mind with that volume flush..
added at 65.75....
yesterday's POC is taken

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2011 06 241335