ES Fri 6- 24 -11

key resistance pre 8:30 reports is:

Low volume area from Wednesdays RTH trade at 1284.50

High Volume at 89 - 90

key support will be :

1273.75 - 1275 a low volume area Yesterday and

1266.50 - 1268.50 is the upper part of the "b" pattern yesterday and the aftrenonn lows. Below there we have the 1262.50 which is the peak volume from the bell curve.

lets see if the 8:30 reports change the confirmation of our numbers from the O/N session. So far they have respeceted the numbers generated from the day sessions.
trying to get 68.50 as that was secondary add point...not concerned about the 71's....
covered all at 70 print...we are in the air pocket now...
as usual we go lighter in the front and heavier on the back so I am not concerned with losing money on contracts initiated in the 71 area

70 is also the VA high
Reuters is slow
(Reuters) - European shares turned negative on Friday afternoon, with Italian banks leading the European sector lower on concerns about the effects of the euro zone peripheral debt crisis.

Shares in Italian banks UniCredit SpA (CRDI.MI) and Intesa Sanpaolo (ISP.MI) fell 5.4 and 4.7 percent respectively, as worries circulated about their capital positions and the deepening euro zone crisis.
Freakin AWESOME Bruce. Freakin Awesome!!

Originally posted by BruceM

not giving us any air to target ...YET !!

will add under 66.50...keeping it all smaller as I usually do if a few small winners..

it's like they read my mind with that volume flush..
i think the problem with most traders and methods is that they look at having exact numbers instead of zones......I've been there too and it's a difficult way to trade......

It seems to be better to have a target in mind first and then look for a means to get to that target.....air pockets are a favorite of mine

I think the lucky longs will go back to 72 area still today ..that is 50 % back and complete air fill

see how those waiting for VPOC's at 62 are left least so far
Certainly stellar this am Bruce - yanking four handles long out of this move. Not for the faint of heart.
buying small at hour lows...will add near 62 if needed.....high risk as air pocket was tested and didn't fill in
trying to get 67.50 as that is 50% of this mini bell curve...then tighten runners to try for air up near 70 - 72 again

folks would do well to study how often the 60 and 90 minute highs and lows get retested
just to follow up on this, got filled at 68 but had to leave immediatly after the fill so to be conservative i used a 2 pt target and 3 pt stop loss...looks like i was very lucky....don't usually do this

my buying areas were 64 which just hit and i missed and below looking for 59 and 56

good luck

Originally posted by apk781

make that a 67.5-69 area...the 30 min projection is slgihtly below so condensing the too gives that area
yesterday's POC is taken

Click image for original size
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