ES 6-29-11

third day of a rally and a gap up if we opened now....selling in O/N at 1301.50...just above a key number 1300..targeting 97.25 ..but the point is that this is my favorite day to take shorts and don't mind if I am wrong and lose...

dumb money will be tryig to buy this...I hope ...LOL...Ultimate target today will be down into 87.50.....key bulky volume is theret
Originally posted by BruceM

selling into the plus 2.5 if it comes before the minus 2.5..hopefully most can see what is up there...

Bruce, was that +2.5 or -2.5 from "yest's close" or "today's open"? Pls answer when convenient. Thanks.
OR proving to be resistance so far but YD RTH H at 10:00
the open Lisa...trying to get to the minus 4 - 5.5 which is part of the 92 - 95 zone...damn report coming
selling small 97.75...will wait to report to add higher if needed
flat at 93.50...key numbers down there and air above...not taking the long though.....

a key Point: as long as you don't get .50 above or below the OR highs or lows u can use the pitbul numbers for targets !! Don't let that get lost on you for those who like breakouts or for those who buy strength and sell this Volatility they will print a plus 4 - 5.5 zone and the Opening range can be used as a filter for those agressive players

so use the Pitbull numbers for targets...
Old gap on INDU (YM)

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2011 06 291047
Old gap is closed

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2011 06 291059
on the 02.75....air below..small...
took something at 1300.75...close to key number...runners will stopp out on retest up to entry
Confusing, but I marked levels nevertheless

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2011 06 291154
refill at 98 and 97.50