ES 6-29-11

third day of a rally and a gap up if we opened now....selling in O/N at 1301.50...just above a key number 1300..targeting 97.25 ..but the point is that this is my favorite day to take shorts and don't mind if I am wrong and lose...

dumb money will be tryig to buy this...I hope ...LOL...Ultimate target today will be down into 87.50.....key bulky volume is theret

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Apparently Bernanke slipped while refilling his coffee and hit the S button but quickly caught himself on his body adjusting chair and hit the B key. He said, "Oops, sorry."

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dug around and couldn't find what that spike down came from a few mins ago ... weirded me out bec. I'd gotten filled short literally 2 seconds before the drop (a dumb luck thing) ... am I missing something?

austerity vote has passed, so back to business now i guess
We'll see how this austerity thing works out...tried it out in my household once....they all agreed but somehow the spending kept on without missing a beat....
1300 - 1303 is the upper bell curve on my charts from O/N session....trying to get down to 97.50 again..that is still a low volume overnight area..they may need to MOnkey around with the 1300 - 1303 some more..
flat now at 97.50...will look to sell again if we pop up first in RTH...or if we trade above 1301 again in O/N session......

in general will be looking to sell any strength early on....they took some of my money yesterday.
Interesting once again, like yesterday, the O/N TPO profile is b while the O/N Volume profile is p.
yes Lorn and high odds we will trade into that low volume if you combine I am expecting trade under the "P" so that is another reason for the selling bias...that swing low at 96.50 is toast IMHO...
O/N POC 1293
O/N VPOC 1302
selling into the plus 2.5 if it comes before the minus 2.5..hopefully most can see what is up there...
sold 97.50 after the minus 2.5 didn't hit....small as this is poor trade location...rsik is that they couldn't hit YD highs but I think they will
refill at 98 and 97.50